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Mediation Solutions Group

Headed by former Nassau County Surrogate C. Raymond Radigan, the Mediation Solutions Group offers attorneys and their clients a practical, settlement-oriented way to resolve trusts and estates disputes, limit costs and turn bitterly contested matters into win-win solutions.

Our qualified mediators understand how to listen to parties and act as a communications bridge between litigants who have lost the ability to communicate because of the bitterness of contested matters. Therefore, we offer an alternative dispute resolution process, which can result in a cost-effective and expeditious determination of litigated matters. Our attorneys’ prior experience in estate litigation in the Surrogate’s Courts gives them the listening skills to mediate and understand the concerns of disputing parties. Finding solutions to troubling matters without protracted delay and costly litigation is our goal.

Additionally, our Mediation Solutions Group attorneys are sought-after featured speakers at estate litigation seminars throughout the state.

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