Blockchain Technology and Digital Asset

Web 3.0, which encompasses blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, is widely considered the future of the internet. Through these technologies, ownership and control of the web has moved away from a few large international companies and into the hands of individuals and smaller organizations around the globe. Laws and regulations are constantly changing to address this fundamental shift in the digital landscape. The attorneys in RMF’s Blockchain Technology and Digital Asset practice group are abreast of these developments and the myriad ways they affect our clients’ affairs.

Our multi-disciplinary team is available to counsel clients in matters including:

  • Corporate and Securities Law
    • Negotiation of NFT development agreements
    • Initial coin offerings
    • Security token offerings
    • Advice concerning compliance with securities laws and data privacy laws
    • Advice concerning the implementation of smart contracts
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
    • Compliance with legal regulations concerning the payment of cryptocurrency in response to a data breach
    • Addressing privacy concerns relating to the implementation of blockchain technology
  • Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights
    • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings concerning cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency lending and savings platforms
  • Litigation
    • Assisting individuals and entities in responding to subpoenas seeking the disclosure of information concerning digital assets
    • Representation of clients seeking to enforce judgments against digital assets
    • Representation of clients in cases concerning fraud and breach of fiduciary duty arising from digital asset transactions
  • Trusts and Estates
    • Estate planning for owners of digital assets
    • Administration of estates holding digital assets, both maintained on-chain or in cold storage
    • Valuation and reporting of digital assets for estate and fiduciary income tax purposes
    • Litigation concerning duties of fiduciaries vis-à-vis investment in and distribution of digital assets
  • Employment Law
    • Advice concerning wage and hour law implications of paying wages or bonuses to employees and independent contractors in cryptocurrency or other digital assets
    • Advice concerning the addition of cryptocurrency as an election option in employer-sponsored 401(k) plans
  • White Collar Crime and Investigations
    • Representation of clients in regulatory investigations concerning digital assets brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodities Future Trading Commission, and Treasury Department
    • Defense of digital asset owners in criminal and regulatory prosecutions


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