The Energy Law Practice Group at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek focuses on this industry’s ongoing efforts to satisfy the needs of the regional marketplace on Long Island. As the region has grown exponentially in the past three decades, so has our practice played a significant role in addressing the needs of the energy industry to accommodate that growth.

Our skilled energy law attorneys are experienced in matters concerning:

• Project Development• Zoning and Land Use Approvals
• Power Purchase Agreements• Environmental Issues
• Asset Acquisitions• Project Financing
•Site Selection• Real Property Tax Planning

Additionally, we provide comprehensive advice and counsel to meet the challenges faced by the providers of energy resources throughout Long Island and New York State.

Through our knowledge and experience, we offer keen insights into the needs of the community and how best to balance those needs with those of the energy industry. Our ongoing involvement gives us a continuing awareness of new developments that affect energy providers while keeping us abreast of cutting-edge issues.


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