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Cannabis Law

Ruskin Moscou Faltischek has established a Cannabis Law Group as a result of substantial client demand for information and assistance in complying with the newly- passed state law, which legalizes the growing, sale, production, consumption, distribution and processing of marijuana plants. The new Cannabis Law will impact on real estate owners, distributors of commercial products, pharmacies, physicians, health care facilities, existing medical marijuana dispensaries and a variety of other businesses. The state has established many types of licenses ranging from growers to retail sales outlets. All of these licenses present an opportunity to participate in what will be one of the state’s fastest growth economic opportunities over the next five years.

The state will be promulgating a large number of regulations in order to implement the statute. Understanding these regulations and their impact will require counsel experienced in real estate, corporate, health care, employment and criminal law. In addition, applicants will need the services of attorneys familiar with the legislative process and who understand the policy behind the adoption of this law and the implementing regulations. The state legislature has placed special emphasis on providing economic assistance to underserved communities, especially those that have been impacted by a high rate of drug use and law enforcement.

Attorneys at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek have been involved in all of these  areas that the new law impacts on and can assist clients in navigating the minefield of issues that the law has created as well as the potential economic benefits that our clients can derive from this groundbreaking legislation. As every license applicant will be faced with numerous needs to comply with the law, our multi-faceted practice group provides the full scope of services to gain license approval.

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