The Office of Professional Medical Conduct OPMC is mandated to investigate every complaint it receives concerning a physician or physician’s assistant, even those complaints that strain credulity.

There are approximately fifty statutorily-defined ways by which a physician can commit misconduct, including seemingly mundane improper advertising or far more serious criminal convictions.

The repercussions of an affirmative finding of misconduct can be devastating; OPMC and the New York State Board of Professional Medicine (BPMC) can impose penalties ranging from censuring a physician, imposing a practice monitor to even suspending or revoking a physician’s license to practice.

Facing an OPMC investigation can be daunting, and an OPMC hearing – which does not follow the normal rules of evidence – can be a confusing process that only experienced counsel should address.  RMF attorneys have collectively conducted dozens of OPMC hearings and an exponentially larger number of investigations.

No matter the misconduct being investigated, RMF’s lawyers can assist in collecting and reviewing records and preparing for administrative interviews, always with an eye towards preparing for a hearing is needed.



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