RMF Attorney Thomas A. Telesca Wins Injunction for Goat Fashion in Trademark Infringement Case Against Sneaker Platform Goat Group

Goat Fashion Ltd., a London label company known for its array of apparel and boutique on Conduit Street in London, has won an injunction against the sneaker retailer Goat Group in the U.S. to stop the latter from selling clothing. According to court documents, a federal judge in Manhattan has preliminarily enjoined Goat Group, the sneaker and streetwear platform, from selling apparel and apparel accessories using the Goat trademark. RMF Attorney, Thomas A. Telesca, who represented Goat Fashion in the case states  “We are very pleased with the outcome and the court’s detailed decision on our claims in this David-versus-Goliath fight.” To read more about the case, please visit https://finance.yahoo.com/news/goat-fashion-wins-injunction-against-160447043.html?guccounter=1.