Charges Dismissed Stemming From The Newsday Report Long Island Divided

Uniondale, NY – September 1, 2021 – In a decision dated August 30, 2021, the Office of Administrative Hearing for the New York State Department of State dismissed the complaint against Le-Ann Vicquery alleging she engaged in discriminatory conduct. The complaint against Ms. Vicquery was instituted after she was prominently featured in the Newsday report entitled Long Island Divided. After an administrative hearing, it was determined that there was not substantial evidence that Ms. Vicquery demonstrated untrustworthy and/or incompetency because she allegedly engaged in unlawful discriminatory conduct. The decision observed that the “Newsday article is relevant [to the charges], but its probative value is limited, and it is not sufficiently reliable”.

Ms. Vicquery was represented by E. Christopher Murray of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C. Mr. Murray stated that “when all the actual evidence came out in a hearing, it was clear that Ms. Vicquery did not engage in any discriminatory conduct”. Mr. Murray added that “Ms. Vicquery had her life turned upside down and lost her job because of the Newsday report”.

Ms. Vicquery stated that she was relieved at the determination. “I did not engage in discriminatory conduct, and I am glad I had an opportunity to present evidence at a hearing showing that I did nothing wrong.” Ms. Vicquery added that she hopes to continue in her career as a real estate agent and to put this whole “horrible” situation behind her.

A copy of the decision from the Division of Licensing Services can be read here. If you have any questions, you may call E. Christopher Murray at (516) 663-6515.

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